5 Essential Tips For Cooking The Perfect Steak

Summer is coming and with it comes the backyard grilling season. To enjoy a perfect steak, you just need to know some secrets in the industry. As long as you select a great steak and follow the correct preparation and cooking technique, cooking a perfect steak is a simple process. Let’s look at the 5 essential tips for cooking the perfect steak.

1. Choose the Right Steak

Before you start the process of cooking your steak, you first need to know how to choose the right steak. You should consider marbling, which is a little streak of fat in the meat cut, which is the best for a tender and juicy steak. Marbling is found in areas that get less exercise, such as the rib and loin. Use steaks that are bright red with evenly distributed white marbling.

2. Consider the Preparation Technique When Choosing Cuts

The beef cut you choose will depend on whether or not you will marinate the meat before grilling. Some of the cuts are first marinated to make them tender while for others, its just to make them more delicious.  Loin and ribs cuts can go on the grill dry as the fat helps to keep the meat tender as it cooks. However, leaner beef cuts such as skirt and flank steak from the cow belly work best when they are marinated before grilling.

3. Before Grilling

Letting the meat to come to room temperature is essential. This is because frozen or very cold meat may not cook evenly. Use paper towels to pat the steaks dry to ensure they brown or sear properly. If they were marinated, first hold them up for the liquid to drip off before you start to grill.

4. Let It Rest

Most home cooks do not know that letting the steak rest for about ten minutes between cooking and serving improves its taste. Slicing the meat immediately after coming off the grill releases more juices and makes it drier. When given some time to rest, the meat retains liquids, and it is juicier and more delicious.

5. Check for Temperature and Doneness

The internal temperature determines the doneness of the steak.  You can check the steak doneness by poking the meat with a finger and gauging the firmness. If it is firm, then its adequately cooked. You can also insert a meat thermometer into the thickest meat part. It is well done if the temperature is 155°F and above – take look on this article on how to cook the perfect sirloin steak.


Following these tips will help you to cook the perfect steak. Get ready to impress your guest with a delicious steak by following these tips.

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